Mapping licence details, connections, and trends in the allocation of Petroleum Exploration Licences in Namibia.

An investigative platform for advocacy

Namibia Transparent Oil enables you to map, find, browse, and search petroleum exploration licences. You can find which companies hold licences, who owns and manages these companies, where they’re registered, and how ownership has changed over time. You can also access licence and company information by clicking on the map.

The information on this platform is publicly available, but it was previously hard to access and use for advocacy without exhausting resources. Tracking licence history in Namibia has often required sorting through hundreds of hardcopy pages of text. With improved accessibility to this data, you can more easily combat industry corruption and advocate for policy changes in Namibia.

“Such negative outcomes of resource extraction, commonly known as the resource curse.. can be countered by strong and unambiguous policies, accompanied by effective institutional structures.“ - The Namibian

With a small group of public officials exercising discretionary decision-making powers, the current way petroleum exploration licences in Namibia are issued is opaque and open to abuse. Politically-connected owners receive concession rights which they can then sell at a higher price for their financial gain.

IPPR developed this platform to identify licencing patterns, red-flag corruption, and advocate for policy reform.

Namibia Transparent Oil is a project by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) with support from Matchbox by The Engine Room.

IPPR delivers independent, analytical, critical yet constructive research into social, political, and economic issues that affect development in Namibia.

Matchbox by The Engine Room provides social change projects with data, technology, and strategic support.

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Main Contributors

web.burza - web development

web.burza is a Croatian-based digital agency specializing in user journeys and full-stack development.

Open Data Kosovo - back end and data harmonization

ODK is a Kosovo-based tech nonprofit dedicated to improving good governance through technology and open data.

Res4Dev - data modelling and sector specific expertise

Res4Dev is a policy research firm assisting citizens in resource-rich developing countries in securing a fair share of extractive sector wealth.

Supporting Advisors and Contributors

Julie Lorch - initial UX concept

Friedrich Lindenberg - data modelling and data scraper development

Anders Pedersen - data modelling

Toby Marsden - database development

Women Hack For Non Profit - front end development


While strenuous efforts have been made to check the veracity of data presented on this website, complete accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Some inaccuracies may occur - for example when company filings with various statutory bodies are not up to date. Where possible, the sources of information are indicated. The data is regularly updated.